Wedding Series…………… by Small Things Iced

August 8, 2010

“Paisley Dreams” Wedding Cake

This exquisitely designed 3 tier cake has a background of soft peach

with beautiful paisley decorations which are hand cut, piped and coloured

in a soft pastel pallet.

Various sized blossoms and piping

 in the same soft peach are placed on and  around the paisley embellishments.

The decoration on this is all at the front, but more can be added if desired

or just a few piped dots and blossoms could taper off around the back which

would look stunning!


Close up of the gorgeous details


Dogwood Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

Beautiful & Romantic Dogwood’s are used to decorate this Cupcake Tower.

Cupcakes are my usual muffin size with buttercream

and covered with a circle of white & apple green sugar paste

topped with a gorgeous Dog Rose Bloom

and dusted in delicate pinks, greens and pollen yellows.

The top cutting cake can be anything from a 5″ upwards

and is made double depth to give full impact on the Dog Wood

trailing up the side and on top.

Any Spring or Summer Wedding would suit this beautiful display!

“Applique” Dog Rose Wedding Cake

This beautiful white on white, “Applique” cake

is both traditional in colour but very modern in design.

 As gorgeous as it looks as a two tier

it would look absolutely stunning in a three or more tiered version.

Each Dog Rose and Leaf is piped with royal icing

giving it an outline and also piped dots on the cake.

All piping has been highlighted with a pearl finish.

Imagine this as a centrepiece for a Winter Wedding

 and you could even have the 2D Dog Rose Blossoms substituted for Snowflakes!


Military Wedding Cupcakes

These weren’t  specifically made for a Wedding as such,

but thought I would add them to this site

as my Husband is in the Army and knowing how many military Weddings  there are,

(with that incorporated into the theme)

these would be the perfect addition……don’t they look elegant!

These are decorated to the specific regiment and each “Cap Badge” is edible,

made by making a mould of the badge and cutting (intricately) each one out

and then coloured with edible paint.

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